Visualizing Flows: Mapping the Ecosystem

Online ecosystems are abstractions of real-world ecosystems.

Most real-world ecosystems have a mirror reflection on the Internet – a digital twin. Your business sits in a digital neighborhood, surrounded by connecting sites that make up your online ecosystem.

An online ecosystem is the network of sites which create a neighborhood around an industry, website, brand, product, people, or topic – it includes all your stakeholders and more – partners, suppliers, competitors, customers, analysts, commentators, journalists, bloggers, prospects, and citizens. Whether you like it or not, your company’s website sits in a neighborhood, surrounded by other sites which make up your online ecosystem.  These connections can be mapped and tracked over time manually, or using Ecosystematic, our ecosystem visualization tool.


Ecosystematic is a graphic depiction of your ecosystem, color-coded to identify attention/traffic.  It’s an attention heat-map, and helps track the changes in structure, size and connections.


Ecosystem strategy is understanding the difference between what you want to be and who you are, and taking the actions needed to get there. 

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